Micro CHP

Samad Power’s micro CHP boiler is designed to generate all of the heating, hot water and electricity needed by a typical UK home.

Micro CHP product is designed to replace a normal boiler, using the same connections and with similar installation.

Besides the generation of heat, the Turbo Green Boiler is also able to generate electricity that can be used for the home.

TGB has been designed to ensure the money invested by the home owner is returned within 4 years.

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Micro-Turbine generator design and development. Samad Power team has over 20 years of collective experience in design and development of micro gas turbine for power generation and CHP.

Micro gas turbine component development and testing

Consultancy services - Carbon Capture and storage projects

Techno-economical / environmental assessment of gas turbine engine for power generation, aerospace, oil and gas industry


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