Our business

Samad Power Ltd was founded as a technology company to develop and supply products that hold a meaningful contribution in improving the environment.
To achieve this goal Samad Power’s team built its core competencies around development of domestic Combined Heat & Power (CHP) micro turbine units.
Our first proposed unit is called Turbo Green Boiler (TGB) and it is capable of providing space and water heating for households while producing electricity. One of the beauty of TGB system is its flexibility to consume variety of fuels such as natural gas, diesel and oil.
TGB represents a reliable solution to increase efficiency with up to 20% improvement and reduce carbon emissions up to 40% per household (up to 2.5 tonne of CO2 emissions reduction per year) compared to the current market boilers.

“Innovation comes from passion. Ideas come from vision.
Both of them combined result in affordable high quality products.”


Our Mission: We are a know-how company in the fields of power and energy industry which strives to serve the humanity and improve the quality of people’s lives by providing products and services that feature an outstanding level which meet and exceed expectations.

Our Vision: We strive to become a role model of success in power, oil and gas industry and serve the communities and mankind at large by 2030 years’ time and to be positioned in the top 3 in the rating of companies in energy industry.

Our Strategy:  Our strategy is to gain business growth by simultaneously delivering benefits to customers and addressing and improving environmental issues by using innovative new technologies.