Micro Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system

TGB Overview How it works Benefits Market


Samad Power’s CHP product is designed to replace a normal boiler, using the same connections and with similar installation and maintenance requirements. The unit is wall mountable and does not require a separate boiler, maximizing its market potential.

Produce savings

The key advantage of TGB is its capability for nearly full utilization of the available energy in the fuel.

TGB offers high fuel savings; hence great benefit for the environment.

Compared to the current boilers, the TGB boiler can save up to 25% of the energy bill. Furthermore Samad Power’s system is up to 85% more efficient than current systems and only produces 4.5 tonnes of CO2.


Financial benefits

The approximate 25% cost saving in energy bills and the potential cash return through the Feed-In Tariffs are undoubtedly presenting a unique benefit to the potential users.

The TGB can generate, in average, £600 cash per annum for a typical UK household (when the excess electricity is fed back into the grid, this figure might increase up to £900).


Generate electricity

Besides the generation of heat, the Turbo Green Boiler is also able to generate electricity that can be used for the home. The electricity that is not used can be sold to the grid to generate financial income.





The installation of the Turbo Green boiler is very easy. The replacement of existing boiler with TGB is also a smooth task. The use of TGB is very straight forward due to its automatic operation.