TGB Overview

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Samad Power’s micro CHP boiler is designed to generate all of the heating, hot water and electricity needed by a typical UK home. Our unique micro turbine technology enables the product to match daily and seasonal energy demands all year round, substantially reducing the need to buy electricity from the main power grid.

Our Turbo Green Boiler (TGB) offers an efficient micro Combined Heat and Power system.

A home would typically use a boiler to meet its heating and hot water needs, and it would use electricity generated by a central power station and transmitted through the main grid. Central generation wastes a significant proportion of the energy it creates, through heat losses in the power station and in the transmission and distribution network. Samad Power’s CHP product avoids these losses, and captures the heat for use within the home.

This efficiency can save the consumer around 25% of total energy costs, and reduces each home’s CO2 emissions by up to 2.5 tonnes per annum in the UK.