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About Us

Samad Power is a technology company in the fields of power and energy industry, established in 2010 and based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. The company’s core areas of expertise are development of innovative small-scale micro gas turbine, motor/generator, and drive/inverter systems for high-value applications, such as CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning).


Our goal is to provide cost effective, reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly products that can transform the target markets through significant reduction of carbon emissions compared to existing technologies. Our dream is to offer a meaningful contribution in improving the environment we live in and the quality of people’s lives. Our vision is to become a role model of success in energy industry by serving the communities at large.



Ali Norouzi - CEO

Dr Ali Norouzi is an entrepreneur and investor with interest in early stage technology start-ups. He holds a Doctorate in Electronic Engineering from University of Surrey (Communication Systems Group) and an MBA from Cranfield University. Ali has been with the firm as a director since 2013, and before his recent appointment as CEO of the company, has worked in different managerial and technical positions in the past, including operations management, HR management, quality management, project management, control system design, instrumentation, and CHP testing.


Hossein Madani - Head of R&D

Dr Seyed Hossein Madani has over twenty years of combined experience in academia and industry, including oil and gas, automotive, and power generation industries. Prior to joining Samad Power in January 2017 as a performance analyst, he was a Research Fellow at Brunel University as a part of a high-profile consortium supported by EPSRC and two major oil companies. He is a member of the Association of Computational Mechanics in Engineering (ACME-UK), associate fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and reviewer of academic publications for the European Journal of Computational Mechanics (EJCM).

Seyed Mohseni - Strategy Advisor

Dr Seyed Mohseni founded Samad Power in 2010, following the completion of his PhD (on gas turbine technology) at Cranfield School of Engineering. Seyed is a serial entrepreneur with a successful track record spanning 20 years in technical roles at Siemens and ExxonMobil. His academic background is aerospace engineering design (Kingston University) and MSc in aerospace propulsion followed by his MBA and doctorate in gas turbine technology (all from Cranfield University).

Chris Yates - Commercial Advisor

Chris is an experienced commercial director, with strong interest in decarbonisation of the gas grid. His expertise includes business development, manufacturing process improvement, mergers and acquisitions, business integration, brand licencing, and marketing. He has worked with trade associations for the domestic heating and hot water industry and has served as a chair and member of a number of technical and industry committees such as HHIC and GISG. He is a business development director at ‘Corgi Services’ and was the former managing director at the boiler manufacturer ‘Johnson and Starley’.

Angus Runciman - Financial Advisor

Angus Runciman is an ex JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, and Barclays Capital investment appraiser with over 30 years of experience in financial and capital market analysis. His background encompasses a broad spectrum of equity market activities covering all types of company from global large-cap to small-cap and unlisted. He also has direct experience of investing in and raising capital for early stage technology companies. He also has direct experience of investing in and raising capital for early stage technology companies, including a number in and around the Cambridge area. Angus has an MA from Oxford University.





Cranfield University City University AMRC Productiv ​​​​​​​


Brits Energy ​​​​​​​ WSP ​​​​​​​ Sapient Partners ​​​​​​​

Samad Power team has a mix of different skills and knowledge base and where it is short of certain skills it has utilised the expertise of its various subcontractors.


Seyed M. Mohseni following the successful completion of his PhD at Cranfield School of Engineering on gas turbine technology.

Dr Seyed Mohseni is a serial entrepreneur (the founder of the company) with years of experience in technical (gas turbine technology) roles in companies like Siemens and ExxonMobil coupled with leadership skills from his previous companies and managerial knowledge he gained from his MBA in Cranfield University.


Dr. John Bannister has over 30 years of experience developing various types of technologies including Stirling engine and organic ranking cycle (when he was the CTO of the developing companies).

His strong engineering and scientific background is utilized to develop the world class micro turbine systems.

Financial Advisor

Nayab Haider ( EX KPMG auditing accountant) who has over 30 years of experience in looking after the financial side of the businesses in board level.

Program manager

Ahmad Mohseni is a PRINCE2 certified project manager with over 10 years of successful experience in managing multi-disciplinary projects in IT, oil & gas and power industry.

Engineering manager

Dr Esmail Najafi has more than 10 years of technical/ engineering experience in the Automotive, aerospace and power industry.

His core expertise in in performance of gas turbine engine but has managed different teams of technical people in the past.

General Manager

Vahid Kahkeshani with background of technical and managerial coordination in oil and gas, welding/manufacturing, inspection and nondestructive testing projects following by current last 3 years of successful supply chain and development manager in m-CHP developer Company.