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Concentrated Solar Power Micro Gas Turbine with Thermal Energy Storage (SolGATS)

This collaborative project aims at integrating micro gas turbine systems developed by City University London in collaboration with Samad Power Ltd in the UK with a concentrated solar power parabolic dish with high temperature thermal energy storage allowing for the production of combined electricity, heating and cooling from solar power, which reduces the need for back-up power and contributes to the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The developed system can operate in standalone mode to provide distributed energy to remote areas thus eliminating transmission losses and reducing grid infrastructure costs. It also can be stacked in a modular manner to provide flexible medium scale power generation.

The electrical power output will be in the range of 10-12kW with heat output of 45-80kW at temperatures over 400 degC, which can be used for heating or absorption cooling. SolGATS would cover a gap in the solar thermal energy market that cannot be served by solar tower plants, as they are economically feasible only in large scale.

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The SolGATS project is formed as a consortium of four academic and industrial members: