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Turbo Green Boiler (CE Certification and Field Trial)

Samad Power Ltd’s micro-turbine TGB (Turbo Green Boiler) is a Combined Heat and Power system, capable of producing up to 2kW of electricity, whilst simultaneously providing 15 to 30kW of heat for hot water and space heating requirements. It is suitable for large residential houses and blocks of flats, as well as commercial sites like supermarkets, warehouses, care homes, gyms, etc.

On average, TGB will offer its users financial benefits of about £800/year from revenue streams like feed-in-tariff and export tariff, and avoided costs of electricity imported from the grid. This results in a payback period of around 2 - 4 years, depending on heating demand. Additionally, power generation at the point of consumption and the saving on losses of power distribution network mean each TGB system can save about 1.6 tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.

The fundamental challenge to high volume deployment of micro CHP units is the installed cost to the end users, but TGB represents a significant cost reduction with a projected installed price of £4,000. This has been achieved by using gas turbine technology, which has been utilised in aerospace and automotive sectors for many years. Having fewer core components will lead to a cheaper price for the final product and a reduced number of moving parts contributes to better performance and reliability.

This project will manufacture the pre-production version of TGB and take it through to certification and field trials. This will be achieved with the help of notified certification body, certification test lab, field testing partner (Clear Blue Energy), and interested future customers, including utility companies, boiler manufacturers, and domestic and commercial end-users. In addition, contract manufacturers will work with Samad Power to improve component and system manufacturability in terms of design, make, and cost.

Following successful verification of the product, 13 units will be manufactured for a year-long field trial. 3 systems will be tested at Samad Power laboratory, while the other 10 will go to a variety of customer sites. Remote monitoring of installed and commissioned systems, as well as data acquisition and analysis will give insight into the performance and life of TGB units. It will also help in understanding the usage patterns for different users in various segments of the heating market.

A parallel techno-economic activity will study the market sizing and demand modelling for the UK market. It will also help in finding the best routes for market entry and study the opportunities outside the UK market