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TwinGen - Prototyping of World's Most Compact Heat and Power Boiler

Samad Power is delighted to announce the award of £870,000 grant (£1,574,209 total project cost) in Innovate UK Infrastructure Systems Round 1 competition for development of ‘TwinGen’, a domestic CHP system with fast response characteristics similar to Combination boilers. TwinGen utilises a patented technology (owned by Samad Power) and has been designed to be integrated within existing branded boilers, replacing the burner and fan while leaving many of the other component parts in place, thus reducing overall costs and forming an attractive licensing proposition for boiler OEMs. This revolutionary configuration represents a breakthrough for reaching the boiler replacement market, and has been welcomed by project partners who will be assisting Samad in development of the technology.

The main technical objective of this project is to build an integrated prototype of a novel concept of micro turbine for mCHP application (entire project is in industrial research stage). TwinGen prototypes will be built in two batches of evaluation prototypes (EP) and verification prototypes (VP). The project will require new design, fabrication and assembly expertise from the partners to produce. A proven methodology adapted from the automotive industry with adequate control and verification steps with staged EP and VP allow for flexibility to achieve a robust end product.

  • Samad Power team has a mix of different skills and knowledge base in the field of gas turbine technology, heating, mechanical design and low volume manufacturing. The company has been developing micro gas turbine technology for the last 6 years in its engineering excellence centre in Milton Keynes with advanced machine shop capability, including 5 axis milling, cylindrical grinding, precision welding, cutting tools, and bearing fabrication and test.
  • Baxi Commercial is part of the BDR Thermea Group, one of the largest boiler OEMs in the world. The company produces a wide range of boilers but is also a pioneer in production and sale of ICE mCHP systems. The Samad TwinGen mCHP design is viewed by Baxi as a potential landscape-changing concept and Baxi’s participation provides an international perspective on heating equipment markets.
  • Cranfield University is one of the global leaders in R&D of gas turbine technology, with a state of art computation facility and specialized in-house gas turbine performance software, aerodynamics design tools, mechanical analysis.
  • The High Value Manufacturing Catapult AMRC (Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre) is a world leading manufacturing technology centre providing: manufacturing options reports, factory planning, rapid prototyping expertise and facilities, additive manufacturing expertise and facilities, casting and fabrication, test facilities (include destruction testing), microscopy facilities and 30 design engineers.
  • Productive (Samad’s low volume contract manufacturer) will assist Samad in improving component and system manufacturability in terms of design, make, and cost.