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We Would like to invite you to Ecobuild 2015, the world's leading event for sustainable design, construction,
energy and the built
Come and meet our team, who will be able to present our latest micro turbine CHP boilers in domestic (wall hung) and commercial size (washing machine style) capable of burning natural gas and liquid fuel.

Turbo Green Boiler (domestic wall hung micro CHP) by Samad Power can generate 2 kW of power and 10 to 40 kW of heat for central heating and hot water consumption.

The commercial size micro CHP boiler can generate 10 kW of electricity and up to 90 kW of heat.

In addition to visiting us, you have access to:
Two conference arenas…Seven seminar streams…Over 600 industry experts!

We look forward to seeing you in March

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Samad Power team has a mix of different skills and knowledge base and where it is short of certain skills it has utilised the expertise of its various subcontractors