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Samad Power is proud to receive the Low Carbon KEEP grant worth £16,600.

The Low Carbon KEEP program is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the East of England Development Agency (EEDA). The grant itself comes from the “Lead Organisation”, Anglia Ruskin University. The programme is launched in order to promote Knowledge Transfer Partnerships between businesses and universities to transfer knowledge and experience. A specifically recruited graduate will work with Samad Power and Cranfield University (the “Knowledge Base Partner”) to deliver academic expertise and gain industrial knowledge.

KEEP program was established in order to help small and medium sized businesses to save carbon in their own company or in customers’ homes. Samad Power’s Turbo Green Boiler is a unique micro turbine technology that not only provides heat and hot water but also electricity and enables to match daily and seasonal energy demands of the households all year round.

With the received award, Samad Power is able to research and produce a boiler that is environmentally friendly and helps people to save money.

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Samad Power team has a mix of different skills and knowledge base and where it is short of certain skills it has utilised the expertise of its various subcontractors