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This crowded, progress disposed market which is lead by Samad-Power can be a reliable investment friend infrastructure for all investors such as boiler manufacturer and other industries professionals.


The Company is ready to start its lab testing followed by commercial field trial phase and has already secured field trial partnership with British Gas and couple of boiler OEMs. Samad Power is developing in parallel two different approaches to incorporating a micro-gas turbine into a boiler unit. Samad`s Turbo Green Boiler (TGB), which incorporates a radial turbine, alternator and compressor separated along a shaft and TwinGen which is a world’s smallest micro gas turbine (Patented) that replaces the burner of the condensing gas boiler.

In the field of The Turbo Green Boiler (TGB) production, significant improvements in manufacturing cost and reliability will enable a projected installed price of £4,000 (for TGB), significantly less than competitor MCHP solutions serving the large detached houses and small commercial market. The overall installed cost will be £2000 more than the installed cost of conventional gas boiler with similar delivery capability.

In the field of TwinGen a significant opportunity offered is born out by the quality of the consortium which is collaborating with Samad on the proposed project, including British Gas, two boiler manufacturers and world leading turbo-machinery component and assembly companies.

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Samad Power team has a mix of different skills and knowledge base and where it is short of certain skills it has utilised the expertise of its various subcontractors