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Micro Gas Turbine CHP Boilers

What is mCHP?

Micro Combined Heat and Power (Micro CHP) refers to the simultaneous generation of heat and electricity at small scale. Micro CHP offers the following benefits:

  • Increasing the security of electricity supply as microgeneration from Micro CHP tends to coincide with peak demand periods
  • Achieving higher combined energy efficiency, primarily due to savings of power grid distribution and transmission losses
  • Reducing carbon emissions by satisfying the peak electricity demand through microgeneration, thus reducing the need for use of high-CO2 power plants at those peak periods
  • Offering significant savings on energy bills, by reducing the need for grid power due to local power generation of Micro CHP unit


The EU domestic boiler market is worth £6.5 billion per annum, based on a total of 8.1 million boiler sales per year. The commercial opportunity for Samad is very large – provided it can demonstrate that its new technologies offer improved overall efficiency (versus condensing boilers) coupled with high reliability and a relatively short 3-5 years ‘pay-back’ period. Samad’s new, micro-CHP boilers have the potential to displace the condensing boilers and become the new industry ‘standard’ products.
Taking the UK market alone, the realistic addressable market at launch could be 617,000 units per year (worth £1.54 billion at an average unit price of £2,500). That assumes that early take-up is likely to be limited to the 9.5mn UK households earning more than the mean equivalized disposable income (£32,676 in 2017*) and that each year 6.5% (617,000) of those households will need to replace a defunct gas boiler. It does not take into account any future regulatory change or new financial incentive designed to encourage take up of new micro-CHP technology. (*source: Office for National Statistics. NB: 9.5mn households = 36% of total UK households)
Clearly price is a major issue. Independent research focusing on the opportunity for Stirling engine m-CHP systems in major European markets suggests that the technology could achieve a 50% market penetration of the boiler replacement market by 2025 if it could reduce its installed price to £3,500. A 50% penetration rate suggests a market potential of approx. 850,000 annual unit sales in the UK and a further 3.25mn units across the rest of the EU-27.
SALES SUMMARY BY HEAT OUTPUT, Source: Heating and Hotwater Industry Council
Output Power Rating Wall Hung
kW High Efficiency
0 9 0 214 0
9 12 0 2,943 11,745
12 15 0 18,241 42,982
15 18 13,273 22,765 62,518
18 24 596,178 24,392 32,697
24 30 543,106 34,112 48,872
30 37 48,677 25,627 9,232
37 47 6,732 4,911 10,598
Size of UK Addressable Market:
TGB 190,441 Units
TwinGen 1,207,966 Units

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