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In contrast to routine technologies, the Samad Power world`s first home scale m-CHP units are based on a highly reliable and cost effective micro gas turbine (MGT), using a technology which is manufactured in tens of millions (i.e.; turbocharger in automotive industry) in other industries including automotive and aerospace. This small scale gas turbine has been designed to be integrated within existing branded market familiar traditional boilers, just replacing the burner and a fan while leaving most of the other internal and external component parts in place without any significant changes.
As one of the application of the Samad`s micro CHP out of multiple and divers, intel inside business approach (most similar model in industry) is the success key as core technology developer. It is this core innovation (patented), together with other changes to conventional approaches which has enabled the development of a unit which undercuts other MCHP production costs by 50%.

This offers the possibility, for the first time, of an MCHP unit that presents an attractive payback for end customers, and a genuine alternative to the conventional gas boiler.

What is MCHP?

  • Micro combined heat and power which is known as micro-CHP is a specific product in the field of new energy productions technologies to produce heat and power specifically electricity as secondary production simultaneously together.
  • Although m-CHP units are not new, existing systems are based on technologies which are not widely deployed in other settings, such as Stirling engines, fuel cells, and organic rankin cycle engines. M-CHP Boilers based on these technologies have struggled to offer a payback on their incremental investment of switching from a conventional gas boiler. This, together with poor reliability are the key factors lying behind the poor market penetration of m-CHP to date.

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Samad Power team has a mix of different skills and knowledge base and where it is short of certain skills it has utilised the expertise of its various subcontractors